Dare Devils (1)

Our JAWA riding friends from L'viv, Ukraine: Original documents showing daring courage of eastern men!
I put this page together based on some M$ word documents with embedded graphics.
The commenting text has been kept unchanged to preserve authenticity.
K(o)arl, Feb. 2003

Newspaper (1)

On photo in first once was YAWA 350, done by Ljubomyr on 500.

Newspaper (2)

And this is some cuttings about Andryy Matsevko from newspapers of last year.

Valeryy himsel

This is Valeryy himself who kindly sent all those pics to us.

In june 1998 motorcyclists group from 5 men ( Andryy Matsevko, Ljubomyr Vydzhack, and others) drove out from Lvov on route: Lviv - Uzhgorod - Budapest - Vien - Graz - Klagenfurt - Salzburg - Munich - Strasbourg - Paris.
A visa was given out in all on 15 days. One of them does not find the monies for outing and motorcycle repair, other only came along group to border so as on domestic circumstances forced will its plans change.
By Debretsen broke IZH's right bearing of crankshaft and spoiled a generator and contact group. These repair parts does not turn out to be. Leaving part of luggage (loaded JAVA weighed 400kg) sat down two on JAVA. Now stocks up to France did not suffice.
Solved to reach to Munich, to make a visit to burial-place of Stepan Bandera and major ukrainian community in Europe. Near Budapest one more has stopped because of breakage..


On photo: Ljubomyr at refueling station near Budapest


Without adventures reached to Austria. On photo: on autobahn in Austria.

WrNeustadt (1)

Near Viner-Noishtadt became acquainted with motorcyclists from Austria. They domestic pair.
Travel together. On a photo: pan Andryy and Austrian spouses - motorcyclists

WrNeustadt (2)

In Viner-Noishtadt have visited the Austrian family, where per 1941-1945 Andryy Matsevko was ostarbeiter. The old owners already died, but their adult children well remembered honest and hard-working Andryy Matsevko. And perfectly have accepted the travellers.
On photo: Ljubomyr and hospitable family from Viner-Noishtadt


On a road near Graz pan Andryy got off with motorcycle to ease protracted uphill. Ljubomyr departed oneself. On to bridge over canyon on speed 130 of km/hour by gust of encounter wind motorcycle bowled over, since loading on an axis was redistributed, when the passenger has left.. Did not redistribute luggage for right loading on axis, because to drive through must was all 20 km and then again to redistribute, that a pan Andryy can sit down. A helm broke (telescoped in two), the back arcs crumpled, helmsman column a little bowed on axis, dashed a headlight, control panel, mirrors. Ljubomyr has remained whole thanks to equipment and to protective arcs. A blow took shoulders defense, helmet and belt (you will see them). The police has approached. Have looked a motorcycle and have told: kaput, shrot, to haus! Have shipped a motorcycle on a platform and have taken on a dump. But Ljubomyr had its opinion...
On photo: that the very shrot


Over 2 day, completely having restored a motorcycle, Lviv's motorcyclists drove out aside Klagenfurt. The same police, seeing them, do not believe to its eyes.
Near Klagenfurt became acquainted with italian motorcyclists. (On photo)


Without adventures reached to Munich


On photo: on autobahn in Germany